Blended Family Counseling Will Bring Harmony into Your New Household

With a divorce rate at over 60 %, Orange County is filled with single parents. If one of those single parents is fortunate, he or she finds another single parent, and they try marriage again. However, even if the parents are a good match, it is entirely possible that their children will not get along. As any parent knows, the children within a single family often fight and argue. When you bring together children from different families into a new marriage, there are many more opportunities for conflict. A blended family therapist can help you resolve that conflict.

There are many situations that might require blended family therapy. For example, you may be the father of two teens who is marrying a mother of two teens. You have used a certain form of discipline with your children for many years and it has worked well. When you try it on your step-children, you fail miserably. Your wife tells you that your behavior was inappropriate; you are stumped. Does this mean you have to use one style for her kids and one for yours, or will this only add to the tension?

Another reason to seek blended family counseling is to handle a difficult ex-spouse relationship. The issues might range from child-rearing disparities, to attempts by the ex to turn the children against you. You want to maintain harmony with your ex, but also ensure consistency within the family. Once again, a blended family therapist can help.

If you start the counseling early, you will find that the need for blended family therapy will diminish, perhaps only arising in certain situations. Blended family counseling is critically important during the first few years of a new marriage. There are many more players in a blended family than in a first-time marriage, and they all need to find ways to cope with each other.

Blended family counseling can help both parents and children adjust to a new family structure. A new family dynamic comes with many challenges when you bring together children, parenting styles and traditions from two families into a new marriage, the situation may increase miscommunications, tensions and conflict. A blended family therapist can help you maneuver this new life chapter .

It is often necessary during the first few years of a new marriage to seek outside support because there are many confusing aspects to participating in this new family structure. There are many more players in a blended family than in a first-time marriage, and all adults involved need to find ways to communicate effectively and learn to work together as a team for the betterment of the children involved.

Additionally, counseling encourages open communication between all members of the family. It provides the appropriate setting for discussing how everyone feels with the new setup, as well as their thoughts on having a step-parent and step-siblings. And with the presence of a family therapist, issues can be resolved amicably.

To schedule an initial interview for blended family counseling, you may send an email to You may also call (657) 205-6611. We strongly encourage that you consider going to a blended family therapist to bring harmony into your new home.