Online Counseling Services

If you are struggling with relationship or family issues, sometimes the only way to resolve these is through the help of a professional therapist. When time constraints or your location does not allow you to come to therapy sessions in person, there are now online counseling services available to make it easier for some individuals.

Is Online Counseling Effective?

Before we begin with online counseling, your situation will first be assessed to determine if online counseling is a good option for you or if you will benefit more from visiting in person in Orange County for services.

During counseling, whether in person or online, outcome is largely determined by how you apply what you have learned in session. . If during the course of your online counseling it is assessed by therapist that perhaps symptoms are increasing it may be recommended that face-to-face appointments are more appropriate. If you are not in the local area Diana can give you some resources in your area.

Diana Chaparro-Clark is a licensed therapist in the state of California and online services will only apply to those persons living in California.

A common question I receive is how long is the length of services for therapy? The length of counseling services will depend on many factors and the length of time you will benefit from treatment will vary. However, progress will be brought up periodically during the course of the therapy and both the client and therapist will jointly discuss together when termination of services is appropriate.

If you need more information about our online counseling services, please send an email to