Families go through challenges all the time, but when the problems have become too much to handle, they may need the help of a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) who can mediate and provide an objective point of view.

At Hope Culture Counseling and Therapy, you can receive professional counseling from Diana Chaparro-Clark M.S., a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT). She can help you deal with issues that are challenging your relationship with your spouse or with other members of your family.

Parents Set the Example

When parents are fighting all the time, it’s the children that are most affected. Their sense of security slowly crumbles when they witness their parents in conflict. They begin to feel that their parents do not love each other anymore and they will most likely begin to question whether the problem is their fault or if their parents still love them. The family structure is the foundation from which children learn their values, and if this foundation becomes shaky, the children could become confused and hurt,

Seeking help from a licensed MFT is advised if spousal and family issues have become too difficult to resolve.

Family Issues

In some situations, parents are having difficulty with a child or children in the family. Competition or disagreements between siblings may seem normal, but when these escalate to physical or verbal abuse, there could be deeper, more serious issues between the children that need to be resolved.

There are also times when family issues revolve around a parent or child with depression or a substance abuse problem. Other issues affecting family relationships are financial difficulties, death in the family, and differences in parenting styles. Whatever the issues are, it is important that these be addressed For such situations, a licensed marriage and family therapist can help resolve conflicts affecting the family as a unit.

Online MFT


Before we begin with online counseling, your situation will first be assessed to determine if online counseling is a good option for you or if you will benefit more from visiting us in person in Orange County for counseling services.

Please call (657) 205-6611 to schedule an appointment for initial assessment. You may also send an e-mail to hopeculturecounseling@gmail.com for more information.