Expectations and Marriage


Having nothing to say

Accepting the complexity of commitment is hard when u have an idealistic view marriage. The view that has the expectation that in a marriage you will get ALL your needs met at all times by your partner. The expectation that the emotional component of marriage is of perpetual happiness and that it’s your partners job is to make you feel better always, and if you don’t it’s a deficiency on their part. This relinquishes your responsibility, because it puts you in the role only of a receiver in the relationship. This sets you up for consistent disappointment, nobody realistically can meet your needs always. This idea also relinquishes the responsibility to work on a healthy relationship with yourself and your own relationship skills. This also can put unrealistic goals for your partner to fill a void that is within you that can only be filled by a spiritual connection with God. A healthy marriage is built on giving to each other and constant self-examination towards self-growth which sometimes presents itself through conflict. The expectation that this WILL happen is realistic and healthy as long it it moves towards resolution