We Plant Seeds: A Reminder to Parents

Conscious and subconscious messages are past to our children based on our beliefs, fears, good and bad experiences in our lives. We demonstrate just as much influence from action as inaction, as well as how we prioritize our time and money. Kids see everything and over time all of these messages will shape their viewpoints. Each behavior plants seeds into our child’s mind and hearts. Consequently, (as the messages are consistent) it forms their outlook on themselves, their relationships and the world around them. Some examples are: if we are often fearful and anxious it tells our children the world is scary and unpredictable. If we are often in conflict with others, we teach our children to be slow to trust and guard themselves at all times. Conversely, if we try new things, fail and try again, we teach our kids that dreams are worth pursuing, and failure is nothing to fear. If we demonstrate forgiveness, tolerance towards others we teach them to forgive and to have empathy. The “seeds” that I could name are endless, but the concept of this is powerful. It really underscores the immense responsibility as parents to continue to work on our “stuff” so we don’t unknowingly plant our past hurts, fears, anger and losses into our children.